Teenage girls anxiously waited for hours at the Queenstown airport yesterday amid rumours boys from One Direction could be visiting.

Annabel Dickson and Brooklyn Middleton, both 17 from Queenstown, arrived in the resort at 10am after four days in Wellington - only to station themselves near arrivals for a possible second chance to see the band.

Through checking a combination of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook, they were almost certain at least two band members were flying to Queenstown.

And so the wait began.


Miss Dickson said highlights of the Wellington concert included "Louie's hip thrust, [and] Harry being his charming self".

"At the end they came out in their tuxes and they looked really cute."

After having waited with other hopeful fans she admitted it was unlikely she would see the boys so soon after the concert.

"There's very little chance they will be here because we have rumours that they have left. But we don't really want to leave in case they do come."

One Direction did not make a Queenstown appearance yesterday.