Amy Dibley saw how difficult it was for people to source physios in rural towns across the North Island.

"I knew how hard it was for dairy farmer, like my parents, to go into town and get physio. I thought maybe I could look at starting a business that supports the rural sector a bit more, to bring a service to them, rather than them having to waste a whole day getting into town to have that service."

Mrs Dibley decided to set up a business, Physio Direct, based on the simple premise that young physios were keen to see Aotearoa.

"When I was in the UK, I did a lot of locum work. I was keen to go anywhere and do anything as long as I had a place to stay I knew everything would be alright. I would work six weeks here, and then take time off to travel and then take three months there. It was such an incredible opportunity."


"I thought if I was going over to that side of the world for that opportunity, surely there must be people over there wanting to come here for that experience..."

Every few months, the physio's rotate around the country - a win-win for people in rural New Zealand and international physios.

Initially based in the North Island only - Mrs Dibley expanded to cover the whole country - so as to cater to growing demand.

Christie Swanepoel, a physio from South Africa, has a personal connection to New Zealand.

"I've got family here in New Zealand. And just for that opportunity to further my career and any further family I may have."

Irish physio Eimear O'Gorman says the experience of working and exploring New Zealand has been incredible.

"I've been looking down to get to Ohakune, which is a fabulous little town, I'm really looking forward to getting to do more work down there with winter and the ski season coming up. Even going down to the South Island, I haven't been down there yet, so really looking forward to doing that."

Mrs Dibley says the expansion into the South Island has proved beneficial, and awaits to see how the innovation develops further in the coming years.

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