Far North District Council and SPCA Northern Region are considering combining forces when it comes to animal welfare and related services.

The parties have agreed to explore the possibility of co-locating the council's pound facilities and SPCA kennels and catteries, rehome more unwanted dogs and cats, dispose of animals more humanely and even build a pet crematorium.

The council and SPCA are looking at suitable properties in the Kaitaia area to house kennels, a cattery and a northern area pound.

They would share the costs of acquiring and developing the property and would own it jointly.


They are also exploring similar options for a joint facility in the southern area to replace the council's Okaihau Dog Pound and the SPCA's kennels and cattery at two locations near Kerikeri.

Far North SPCA Dog Shelter supervisor Juanita Tana said the collaboration would mean dogs from the pound, currently routinely shot if they could not be homed, would have a greater chance of being rehomed, or more humanely euthanised if a home was not found.

FNDC services general manager Dean Myburgh said both parties were in the business of dealing with unwanted animals so it made sense to work more closely together.

SPCA Far Northern Region Centre manager John Logie said there was a lot of benefit to be gained by combining efforts to provide the best services.