A Restricted Fire Season has been declared in Whangarei as warm, dry weather raises the fire risk.

Whangarei District Council imposed the restrictions from midnight tonight and they will remain in place until further notice.

The restrictions apply to all land in the Whangarei District. Matakohe/Limestone and Rabbit Islands already have a permanent fire ban.

The restriction means permits are required for all open air fires, but permits will only be issued where suitable fire protection measures can be provided.


The council asks resident to consider if the fire can be delayed until the fire danger reduces. Permits will not be issued where the fire can be reasonably delayed or the task can be achieved without the use of fire.

The restriction will remain in force until weather conditions and fire danger risk are low enough for it to be lifted.

All fires in the open air require permits with the exception of commercially constructed barbeques and incinerators.

Cooking fires such as umu, hangi and spit fires are allowed subject to conditions that they are supervised by a responsible adult at all times; a pressurised supply of water is at hand; The fire is extinguished as soon as the task is complete; a clear area of at least 10 metres is maintained around the fire and the fire is no larger than 2 x 2 metres.

A warranted fire officer can request that any barbecue, incinerator or other fire be extinguished if considered a danger.

All persons responsible for a fire may be held liable for all costs associated with control of that fire and holding a permit for a fire does not remove this liability.

To obtain a permit apply on line at havingafire.org.nz or phone Forest Protection Services (09) 430 7707.