Watch the brand new video from Shihad - Think You're So Free - the first single from their new album FVEY, which will be released on August 8. Pre-order here.

"In my mind, Think You're So Free is about the slow, subtle and often imperceptible process of eroding freedom and rights that is happening in many parts of life right here in New Zealand," says video director Sam Peacocke.

"I guess that the imagery in the video reflects my feelings about this ongoing process in which we are all a part of."

Returning to the studio where they recorded Churn, Killjoy and The Fish Album - York Street Studios - FVEY was recorded late last year with producer Jaz Coleman - and fans will hear echoes of that earlier sound that marked those earlier albums.

Advertisement recorded Shihad performing songs from FVEY for the Barkers Sundae Sessions series, which was the last performance at York Street Studios - which will go live on Friday August 8.