Driver changes roles to bring TV viewers the best of motorsport

Greg Murphy has never been afraid to say what he really thinks and that's one of the reasons he's become a hometown hero for fans.

That and his lengthy motorsport career that includes owning the Pukekohe circuit, putting down the Lap of the Gods at Bathurst and even having the occasional biffo.

He's spent a lot of time with a microphone in his face, but with his Skyspeed show starting tomorrow night he'll be on the other end of the camera.

Murph and Stephen McIvor will present the weekly show - and he promises neither will be mincing words.


"We're definitely going to have opinions," says Murphy. "That's incredibly important.

"We don't want to go down the same path that everyone does - it has to be interesting, so it's up to us to find some different angles and some really good stuff, not focusing on the same old things."

The Skyspeed team will work closely together to create a rundown of all that's good in the world of motorsport.

"Sky's got a huge repertoire of motorsport on their channels and it's up to us to find the best stuff. There's people who love their F1, there's Nascar fanatics - so much to choose from. And in New Zealand I think we've got a real love for it, probably even more than they have in Australia.

"We'll delve a bit deeper into some things and want to discuss the different facets of the sport - it's starting to get a bit quiet now locally, but there are a lot of Kiwis going really well overseas so we'll definitely be keeping a close eye on them."

Murph reckons his years of involvement in motorsport will give him insight that can only be gained by getting out there and doing it, especially with V8 racing.

"It'd be fair to say that I know a bit more about V8 Supercars than many people - I might just be able find things out that other people can't."

For some inside knowledge on the world of motorsport, and a round-up of the week's racing, join Greg Murphy and co-host Stephen McIvor on Skyspeed, this Thursday, 7.30pm, Sky Sport 3.