BMW got more than it bargained for when it supplied four X1 cars for Fashion Week - each got a makeover by one new-generation designer. DanielK's Vanessa Kim had a headstart in penning a new skin for the German car. She owns a 3.0-litre BMW Z3 sportster, and likes the car's feel, the way it handles and the heft of the wheel as much as its design. "It's very classic, very elegant; I think that's important."

Indeed so important the fledgling designer returned to AUT to study textiles. "It helps me get a really good eye for quality," she says. "Clothes are our second skin; now I understand more about the structure, and develop my own digital and knit prints."

Vanessa designed a print inspired by the artist Christian Boltanksi, who plays with shadows, much as a car designer plays with light and shadow across the metal.