Ferrari's acclaimed FF costs well over half a million dollars - so most owners won't give the Italian brand's first all wheel drive vehicle the treatment its be designed to take.

But put former world rally champion Markku Alen in the driver's seat, and point him at Ferrari's very own snowy test track at Arjeplog in Sweden, and the $635,000 machine is going to get a beating in the name of good PR.

The company released the attached video today of Alen demonstrating the impressive abilities of its first-ever four wheel drive system, dubbed 4RM, showing that four seats does not necessarily mean it's can't behave like its rear-drive stablemates.

The 14km track is just 100km south of the Arctic Circle, and enjoys temperatures between -15 and -30 degrees Celsius - conditions that the Finnish ice track specialist and 1978 world rally champion obviously relishes.


If the FF can handle Arjeplog, it'll surely cope with the road up Whakapapa, and promises a far more flamboyant drive than the average urban assault vehicle that tackles it.

Driven's David Linklater attended Ferrari's official launch in Italy last year, and marvelled at its ability to hit the legal limit in just 3.7 seconds, on its way to hitting 200km/h in 11.0 seconds - while still in fourth gear.