We sure do love our coffee here in New Zealand, so much so that we are one of the top 20 biggest coffee drinking nations in the world.

We also love our pies, with more than 60 million being consumed in New Zealand every year.

So what happens when you combine two of our favorite kiwi rituals?

The owner of Tasteful Bakehouse & Cafe on K Road has done just that.


Owner Chamnan Ly says he makes the "Piefee" using a sweet pie crust that is coated in chocolate and filled with the hot beverage of your choice.

"It's made of a pie and a coffee, so we call it a 'piefee'. It's a sweet pasty cup with a bit of a coating of chocolate, with coffee or chocolate or any form of drinks in there," he said.

Focus reporter Tarek Bazley was sent out to the streets to taste test the mysterious "piefee".

"Just like any other coffee you would expect, its delicious and a novel experience for me drinking coffee out of a pie" he said.

The verdict - a little messy.

If the "Piefee" isn't your cup of tea (or coffee), there are plenty more unconventional coffee options out there for you to try, like the Avolatte, the carrot-cinno and who can forget the coffee in an icecream cone, that took Instagram by storm.

Famoso Café com leite de um jeito diferente!

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The only question that remains is what will they think of next...