When Holly, Zach and Zake Elizabeth woke on Easter Sunday, they raced downstairs, eager to see their treasure trove of spoils from the Easter bunny.

As they jumped out of their beds in Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast, they spotted a trail left behind by the Easter bunny himself. Surely, they were in for a chocolate treat or three.

But as the kids, aged between two and eight, followed the Easter bunny's tracks, they made a horrible discovery.

The Easter bunny left this devastating note for a Queensland mum's kids. Photo/ Facebook
The Easter bunny left this devastating note for a Queensland mum's kids. Photo/ Facebook

There wasn't a single Easter egg in sight. Not even one.


Holly, the eldest, cried while little Jake's face was in shock.
What happened to the Easter bunny?

The answer came in a stern note from the very bunny himself.

"Dear Holly, Jake and Zach, I am writing this letter to let you know that this year I have decided you are on my 'naughty list' and I'm not bringing you any Easter eggs or gifts because I have been watching carefully and you have been very naughty," it read.

"Fighting, arguing and not doing as you are told."

The Easter bunny then went on to tell the children he had "rung Santa and told him to keep a close eye out to see if your behaviour improves".

"Then you will still have time to make his good list. Please behave for your mummy and remember, I am always watching."

Tracy Elizabeth wondered if she had gone a little too far. Whether she should dash off to the shops and pick up some chocolate?

"I posted it on my own Facebook page and felt it was a bit of lighthearted fun on an Easter morning," Ms Elizabeth told news.com.au.

"Anybody who knows me, they know I'm a good parent, I know I'm raising my children the best I can, I'm the first person to go absolutely overboard and do outrageous things for them."

So she posted a video, along with the note, to a Facebook community group, and the comments exploded.

"Please tell me I'm not the only parent who has done this to their kids," Ms Elizabeth wrote. "Waiting for them to wake up and feeling like cruellest mum on the planet but hoping it teaches them a lesson for the future."

Since, she's been forced to defend herself against a debate raging over whether it was in fact the right thing to do.

Facebook comments are divided over Ms Elizabeth's note, many raging at the Sunshine Coast mum while others have taken the task of defending entitled children.

"Don't use a moment of magic as your tool for parenting," wrote Rebecca Bass.

Ms Elizabeth said her children "aren't temper tantrum kids", but over the Easter school holiday period they began acting up, fighting like every typical kid, "but I have been saying to them 'if you don't start respecting each other or me and my rules, things like the Easter bunny and those special treats aren't coming into the house any more'.

"They definitely called my bluff, this year I thought, 'no, I'm going to teach them a lesson'."

So devastated was Ms Elizabeth's eldest, Holly, that she wrote a note in return to the Easter bunny.

"To the Easter bunny," it reads.

"I am so sorry for being naughty, mean to my brothers and not doing what I was told. I will try to be good bye (sic) next year. Hoverfly (sic) next year you can bring me a yummy Easter egg and a nice new toy."

Since the note saga, Ms Elizabeth said her kids have turned their attitude around, and the family has had no arguments.

"We did the whole reflection thing last night, understanding why the Easter bunny didn't come.

"There's no perfect way to parent, there's no right and wrong way of doing it, I want to raise respectable little human beings that understand there are consequences if you do wrong things.

"Hopefully we get it right".

The kids' grandma eventually saved the day, who gave all three "stoked" children an Easter egg treat.