If you want to have an Easter egg hunt this weekend but do not want to leave your seat, this brainteaser is for you.

Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf, has hidden a single egg somewhere in this springtime scene, reported the Daily Mail.

It is tucked away between the rabbits, chicks and tulips - but is fiendishly difficult to spot.

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The puzzle was shared on the cartoonist's Facebook page and quickly received hundreds of comments from followers who were left scratching their heads.

One wrote: "Took also longer than expected, but I found it". Another said she had "never taken so long" to complete a brainteaser.

A third wrote: "Took me a few seconds longer than usual."

Only the most eagle-eyed would have picked out the red egg poking out from behind a red flower in the bottom right-hand corner.

The cartoonist became an online sensation after his drawing of a panda hidden among a group of snowmen swept the internet in December 2015.

He has since created a series of similarly tricky puzzles and will release a book of wintry "seek-and-find" scenes in time for Christmas this year.

The most recent head-scratcher was shared just days after florist Bloom & Wild released their own puzzle of an Easter egg hidden among some blooms.

Can you find the peach-coloured egg hidden amongst the flowers? Photo / Facebook, Bloom and Wild
Can you find the peach-coloured egg hidden amongst the flowers? Photo / Facebook, Bloom and Wild

Picking out the egg is almost impossible thanks to the clusters of colourful flowers.

However, patient players may be able to spot the miniature egg in the top left hand corner of the image hidden behind a pale blue flower.

The artist said: "I knew I had to make it a busy enough image for someone's eyes, so people aren't drawn to the egg straight away, and it needed to be fun.

"I honestly thought everyone would find it within the first five seconds, maybe because I knew where I placed it, so it was hard for me to judge the difficulty myself."

The trend for mind-bending puzzles is showing no signs of stopping and with one diced themed brainteaser leaving players shaken up.

This head-scratching brain teaser features dozens of dice, but only one with seven spots and netizens are being driven dotty while trying to find it.

The puzzle was created by gaming company Casumo, and features just one crooked dice traditionally used for cheating.

However, there is no way to cheat in this puzzle and only those with great patience will be able to spot the odd dice out in the sea of spots.

Those willing to scour the image should be able to spot the seven spotted cube in the bottom left hand corner - so did you spot it?

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