Dehydrated skin, poorly-matched foundation and a shiny T-zone ... these are the common makeup mistakes seen all too often during the spring party season.

While not everyone is as skilled at DIY makeup as Kylie Jenner (evidence: her Snapchat), there is some pre-party prep that will help makeup sit better on the skin (even on one of those long nights out), according to one of the country's top makeup artists.

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L'Oreal Paris' Australian makeup director Tobi Henney said the starting point for flawless makeup was actually skincare.

"The first thing everyone needs to do before applying makeup is to get their skin prep right," Henney said, citing primer and miceller water.


"The lead-up is always important. Exfoliating, moisturising, hydrating.

"Go and have a facial, go and get your brows done, so when it comes time to do your makeup, everything is polished."

The spray tan season should also mean wearing a new foundation shade.

"You've got to remember we go a darker colour in spring than winter, so making sure if you turn your head to the side, the side of your arm should be the same colour as the side of your face," Henney said.

"Most girls are lighter on their face, that's why I always check their arms and chest area - that's what you want your foundation to be matching.

"You don't need to have your face tanned, you just need to change your foundation colour."

Since it's that time of year when the social calendar fills up, Henney said a statement lip was a one way to dress up your makeup, even when wearing a basic outfit.

"With lips, I like to colour the whole lip in with liner - I find it's a good base for lipstick and it makes it last longer," Henney said.

"I also like doing a few layers of lipstick."

So what is the No. 1 make-up sin to avoid?

"For me, it's always the shine on the face," Henney said.

"Everyone wants a great photo these days, whether it's for social media, a red carpet or media wall and I find the first thing I look at is the T-zone.

"Powder is key in the T-zone."

She said women were now focusing as much on their makeup as their outfits during the spring party season.

"Everyone wants to look polished and be confident in themselves," Henney said.

"I think in the last three years in particular, everyone's a bit more self-conscious - they're thinking it out a bit more.

"Girls are embracing lipstick and colour and they're not afraid to wear a bold look.

"Kylie Jenner has changed the game for makeup ... all these celebs are pushing the whole makeup glam game and women are embracing it."