At best, this Roadkill Pet Halloween costume - sold by the Duchess of Cambridge's family firm for seven-year-olds - could be described as tasteless.

But dismayed parents last night used far stronger language, with 93 per cent of those asked saying they would not let their child wear the "terrifying", "gory" and "gross" outfit.

The Roadkill Pet costume for seven-year-olds has not been well received by parents. Photo /
The Roadkill Pet costume for seven-year-olds has not been well received by parents. Photo /

, the company run by Kate Middleton's parents Michael and Carole, was criticised for marketing the £16.99 fancy-dress costume, which depicts a dead rabbit with tyre marks across its torso.

Even the firm's own website describes it as "gruesome", and says it comes "complete with wounds" and "bloodshot eyes".


It was singled out as one of eight inappropriate costumes for children in a poll of 1,434 parents by, a parenting website set up by Siobhan Freegard, founder of the online forum NetMums.

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One father said the Roadkill Pet suit would terrify his daughter. Some 48 per cent of parents felt Halloween costumes were too frightening, including a Killer Clown outfit for five-year-olds.

The American import of trick or treating and dressing up in scary outfits has become far more popular than other traditional annual celebrations.

But parents fear the new trend has become increasingly sinister.

Miss Freegard, 49, said: "Halloween may be the second biggest event for retailers after Christmas, but it should be about having harmless fun - not encouraging children to wear horrible and even highly inappropriate outfits.

"Stores have become more responsible on every-day clothing, and dressing up should be no different. There is no excuse for putting profit before children's welfare."