It's a question you probably thought you'd never ask yourself: are you a croissant, or a bagel?

But tens of thousands of people have answered the question in response to an eccentric personality "quiz" sweeping Twitter that identifies what type of bread you are based on idiosyncratic traits.

So if you love memes, eat breakfast for dinner, and don't respond to your texts for days, then you're definitely a breadstick.

But if you cry at sappy movies, have a lot of friends and have never seen Star Wars, then you're a croissant.


Which traits best describe you?

The personality test, which has been shared at least 58,000 times since it was posted online yesterday, is made up of nine types of bread which have quirky human traits attributed to them.

Anyone who's French bread are always cold, can sleep for 12 hours straight and drink a lot of tequila.

Meanwhile if you miss your mum, love the Sims and are "*bull********" your way through adulthood, then you're a bagel.

Pitta breads love to travel, brag about their virtual cats on the popular mobile game Neko Atsume and have a great butt.

If you love Gwen Stefani, have great hair, and can recite all the lyrics in Disney film High School Musical, then you're Challah - a plaited Jewish bread.

People who are whole grain bread post Instagram pictures in black and white, have a resting ***** face, and don't use their blinkers.

Rolls are anyone who have a long-term significant other, own a hamster, and are "hot AF and know it".

And if you love packet macaroni cheese, call sneakers "tennis shoes", and are a good speller, then you're white bread.

The personality test was uploaded by 18-year-old Floridian Kelly Blaus, who has been inundated with notifications since it went viral in the US and the UK yesterday.

Above the picture of the different bread categories, she wrote: "I'm so croissant it's not even funny. What are y'all?"

Last night she tweeted: "I can't even open my mentions because they keep crashing, dear god."

She then posted a screenshot of her notifications tab on Twitter, which shows that someone shares her post every few seconds.


Among those who have shared the post are Brian Van B, who said he was a combination of "white bread and breadsticks".

Tender Gendered wrote: "Bagel, all day every day."

And Katrussa2000 joked: "I'm a cross-bread (hur hur) between bread sticks and bagel.

"Bull******** my way through adulthood while eating breakfast for dinner."

Robyn Evans said: "I may or may not be bagel," while Jodie Leigh said: "I am bagel with French bread and breadsticks poked through the bagel hole."

Yo yMisKosas said: "French Bread and proud!!!"

And DINner couldn't decide, pondering: "Am I bagel or breadsticks?"