The MTV VMAs red carpet played host to the glamorous, the bizarre and the cute this year.

Here are our best and worst dressed stars from the 2016 event.


• Ariana Grande

Sleek and fun, a recently fringed Grande gets the balance just right with wide-legged trousers and a flippy lace bandeau top.


• Parris Goebel

Kiwi-born choreographer, dancer and actress, Parris Goebel, looks incredible in this Pasifika-inspired dress.

• Blue Ivy

Her mum didn't make our best dressed list this year, but Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy gets our vote for coolest kid on the red carpet.

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• Heidi Klum

While part of us wishes Klum had gone a little more extreme - remember her Halloween costume last year? - We're digging this colour combo and slick cut.

• Hailee Steinfeld

The Starving singer is perfection in this colourful choice by Balmain.

• Britney Spears

She's come a long way since her denim disaster with Justin 15 years ago. Going for a simple fabric with one statement cut out works for Britney.


• Jaden Smith

He gets props for repping an androgynous look, but the coat is ill-fitting. And since when do you need to take a back pack to an awards show?

• Nicki Minaj

There is an element of glamour we didn't expect from Minaj, but she's managed to ruin it with too many cut outs and sheer panels.

• Nick Jonas

The 80s was not your decade, Nick Jonas.

• Beyonce

This outfit is proof that following the rule about only being revealing in the top or the bottom, not both, doesn't always ensure a winning look.

• Kim Kardashian West

We get it. You wanted to channel that look where you've just surfaced from a swimming pool wearing really expensive clothes. Are we fans? No.

• Farrah Abraham

When she's not making headlines over her parenting decisions, she's wearing Halloween costumes all year round.