Charities have received money from a beauty pageant after concerns were raised about where the proceeds went.

Donations collected on behalf of the Miss Junior New Zealand were supposed to be deposited in April but parents contacted the Herald on Sunday after the deadline passed.

In late May, five charities said they had still not received donations from the pageant.

Miss Junior NZ pageant organisers said some charities were slow to provide bank account numbers to fundraisers.


The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation said it received $481.78 last month and spokeswoman Adele Gautier thanked those who inquired about the monies.

KidsCan chief executive Julie Chapman said the organisation received $245.88. Meanwhile, St John received a donation of $78.52 last month and said no more money was outstanding.

Auckland charity Horse Havan said it was pleasantly surprised to also receive a donation.

The Starship Foundation had earlier received $2861.11 and the Child Cancer Foundation said it had been handed $1846.67.

The Miss Junior NZ website said contestants raised $21,418.70 for charities this season.