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In today's Bite magazine Louise Thompson talked ruts and how to get out of them. If you find yourself in a rut in the kitchen - you know, cooking the same dishes over and over because it's nice and easy - maybe you can get out of it and get your mojo back by cooking a mole. Such an everyday thing in Mexico, this sauce is unfamiliar here - which I find surprising given our penchant for tacos - but I can tell you it actually helps make things very easy in the kitchen. Once you've committed to making up a large batch, a portion of this sumptuous sauce can be whisked out of the freezer for use in many meals. And once you've got the hang of it, you might find you want to join in the competition going on with the Bite team and a few of our friends, and have a go at creating your own signature mole - the one that gives your meals the edge.

Or perhaps putting the toast, sandwiches, muffins and pasta aside and trying a different, more interesting grain could be your rut-breaker, starting with Nadia Lim's barley tabouleh and popped amaranth recipes.

But what we're really all about this week is chocolate and there's nothing even remotely rutty about that!

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