A new 'Starbucks' coffee shop has caused a stir in Los Angeles - the pop-up outlet, serving free coffee, is 'dumb'.

Go buy some @dumbstarbucks before dumb lawyers get to it pic.twitter.com/67E2zq0myf


The Dumb Starbucks Coffee, which parodies the design and vibe of the giant chain, popped up without notice.

The coffee, brewed by two baristas hired off Craigslist, and the pastries, apparently bought off-site, are all free. There's no word on who's behind the parody pop-up, but lines are long and social media is gathering momentum.

According to their Frequently Asked Questions published on Forbes, the store has managed to get away with the stunt based on parody law.


"Although we are a fully functioning coffee shop, for legal reasons Dumb Starbucks needs to be categorized as a work of parody art. So, in the eyes of the law, our 'coffee shop' is actually an art gallery and the 'coffee' you're buying is actually the art. But that's for our lawyers to worry about. All you need to do is enjoy our delicious coffee!" they wrote.

Starbucks coffee only briefly commented on the pop-up store. "We're aware and this isn't a Starbucks location and we're looking into it," Starbucks rep Megan Adams told The Hollywood Reporter.

Check out the full 'dumb menu':

Enjoy our full menu of coffees and cold drinks pic.twitter.com/wPacrEEH9k


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