Greig Morgan turns to aesthetics this week with this corrugated iron installation.

A nice piece of your own original art work is a great idea to add that personal touch to your outdoor living area.

When I came up with the idea of this project, my daughter was keen to help and wanted to do the painting of Rangitoto Island. Not only does it make a great backdrop, it helped to keep her occupied these holidays.

Note: I removed an Oriental screen panel from where it was held in place between two posts and a top and bottom rail framed with 20x20mm beading on both sides.

Step 1
Measure for the inside measurements between the posts for the length and top and bottom rail for the width of your screen, now convert these measurements, allowing about 10mm less, to the sheet of corrugated iron.


Use a straight edge clamped at either end as a guide when cutting the iron to size.

Step 2
Use a file on about a 45-degree angle to remove any sharp edges. Make an easel by fixing to your work bench two sheets of MDF opposite each other creating a comfortable angle when painting. With the top pieces screwed together, fix a couple of 40x20mm strips to the work bench as this will determine the angle required.

Step 3
Lay the corrugated iron on the easel and paint a white base coat. Once dry, sketch a design to suit your taste, keeping it in proportion.

Step 4
Paint using an appropriate-sized paint brush to the pencil lines. Once paint is dry redo another coat, then another to enhance the colours.

Step 5
Once you are happy with your work of art, remove your existing trellis screen by removing the timber beading that holds it in place.

Step 6
Fit the art work to the front timber beading then fit the trellis to the back of the art piece before fixing the back beading with evenly spaced screws.