She deals with suits - the clothing type and the "rich, businessmen who flaunt it in your face" type. It comes with the territory, says our insider from an expensive menswear shop in Auckland's High St.

Half her customers are polite and friendly, the other half are a combination of failed pick-up artists who hit on her, bossy people used to getting what they want, and those who think retail assistants are beneath them.

That retail workers are not in a position to deny customers anything means some take advantage of the ones helping them fit into a suit.

"Maybe they had a bad day at work or needed to feel more like a man. I think it's pathetic to act like that towards someone in a vulnerable position at work. It's not my fault you're feeling like a little man."


She has been propositioned for drinks and dates and to avoid conflict will agree - but never turn up. While the attitude of such customers is annoying, she has learned to use it to her advantage as they are usually the easiest targets for her to earn commission.

"They spend heaps of money because I flirt back and skilfully sweet-talk them into buying more. It's a win-win: commission for me and a much-needed ego boost for them."

If you go into a High St store talking loudly about how you just bought a helicopter (this has happened) don't expect to leave with less than two bags full.