Here's a neat and easy way to cope with a toy overflow, says Greig Morgan

If you're still wondering where to tidy away all those toys the kids got for Christmas, here's an idea. Simply buy an assortment of inexpensive coloured cube boxes and turn them into a storage unit by making drawer-type runners. You can add on, build up or take away cubes as your storage needs change.

Step 1 - To make the front and back rails, measure the width of your cube then add about 30mm extra. This will allow about 15mm clearance either side. Cut on the waste side of the lines.

Step 2 - For the runners, mark and cut to length as previously with the rails. Lay the two runners flat on your work bench. Fix the front and back rails flush with the ends of the runners. Drill 5mm holes and fix with 45mm screws, countersunk below the surface.

Step 3 - With all the drawer components fitted together, line up the 1200mm legs side by side, flush top and bottom. Mark 60mm down from the top, place the first box, and mark. Then measure down another 60mm. Repeat this all the way down for however many boxes you have.


Step 4 - Place the drawer unit to the pencil marks on the inside of the legs. Drill 5mm holes in the legs and fix the drawer unit with 65mm screws, countersunk. Check to ensure that the cube sits in properly and slides out freely.

Step 5 - Measure and cut your top pieces to fit down neatly.

Step 6 - Use wood filler and a putty knife to fill the countersunk holes. Wait until putty is dry before sanding off flush, and then sand off all sharp edges. Apply a primer undercoat and two topcoats, lightly sanding with 200-grit sandpaper between coats.