A new kind of soft drink will hit the shelves this week that claims to fight fat.

The fizzy drink, "Pepsi Special" contains dextrin, a dietary fibre that can't be digested, distributor Suntory claims. Studies on mice show the fibre blocks fat absorption and may lower cholesterol.

It's not clear how much sugar and corn syrup the new cola contains, but manufacturer's promise the product will be crisp, refreshing and unique.

However, the Daily Mail reports that experts are sceptical about the nutritional validity of Pepsi Special as dextrin hasn't been conclusively shown to work in humans.


This isn't the first time Pepsi have been creative with their offerings in Japan. They've previously sold cans flavoured with cucumber and yoghurt. And, next month Pepsi will unveil Pepsi White, which has a tangerine tang.

Pepsi Special is modelled after the runaway hit of drink manufacturer Kirin Holdings, which launched what it marketed as the world's first healthy cola drink last year.

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