Herald Rating: 3/5
Address: 1/24 Tonkin Drive, Sunnynook

We came here because

we'd heard this new cafe was good and wanted to find out the facts for ourselves.

Parking was easy in the parking bays in front of the block of shops.

We walked in and immediately thought the decor was fun with funky wooden tree-shaped shelving and ornaments, colourful clock and we particularly liked the huge rolls of newsprint suspended on the wall with the menus written by hand. While we opted for a table, the sofas looked appealing too.


The most unusual thing on the menu was the menu itself, with its layout and options of adding extras. We were impressed by the options of half or full-size portions.

We ordered a Muzza's big breakfast of bacon and eggs, sausages, field mushrooms, homemade hash browns and baked beans on toasted Turkish bread ($19), a vegetable hash stack of layers of homemade hash browns with vegetables and baby spinach and side of bacon and tomato relish ($16), waffles with maple syrup and icecream and black doris plums ($12) and eggs benedict with smoked salmon, poached eggs on toasted Turkish bread, spinach and hollandaise sauce (16). All were good.

The service was smiling and friendly - and apologetic when one of our first choices for a side option was unavailable.

The coffee was quite fine, as was the ginger latte we tried out of interest. However, the hot chocolate was deemed a bit watery - though the accompanying chocolate fish helped make up for that.

We recommend if you come here try some of the tasty-looking cabinet food - perhaps take something home for later.

Overall we thought this is a good little local cafe. It's a fact.