Happy snacker

Scrub and microwave a whole kumara, split open and top with refried beans, grated cheese, chopped bacon bits, chopped apples and sour cream or chopped ham, tomatoes and melted mozzarella.

Sweet sweet potato

Substitute grated kumara in your favourite carrot or banana cake recipe - perfect with an orange juice and brown sugar glaze. Or swap mashed kumara for pumpkin for a spicy pie or pudding. Play with nutmeg, cinammon and coconut flavours to complement the sweetness.


Souped up

Kumara simmered in stock - try Marco Pierre White's trick and dilute the stock with a fruit or carrot juice. Blend with a stick blender. Stir in Greek yoghurt, add a Mexican touch with a chopped salsa of avocados or tomatoes, or zap in some red curry paste and coconut cream.

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