Cooking Q&A with Peter Gordon

The executive chef of dine by Peter Gordon at Sky City answers your cuisine questions.

Peter Gordon: Cheese at its most versatile

By Peter Gordon

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The executive chef of dine by Peter Gordon at SkyCity answers your cuisine questions.

Smoked mushrooms with haloumi. Photo / Richard Robinson
Smoked mushrooms with haloumi. Photo / Richard Robinson

I love the haloumi from Parnell Farmers' Market, and generally just pan-fry it and serve on summer greens. What other seasonal things could I put with it to make a more substantial dish in winter? What kind of herbs or spices does it go with?
- Gill

Diced and added to chicken stews towards the end is good. Breadcumbed and fried with baked fish and greens on top is nice, or even with fried eggs for breakfast.

I was wondering why some good restaurant menus make a big fuss about a beef being grain-fed, rather than grass-fed. I thought all beef in New Zealand was grass-fed, and that grain-fed meant nasty American-style feeding (animal cruelty, lots of infection, that sort of thing). Where does the grain-fed beef we eat here in New Zealand come from? What is the difference in flavour? Is one considered superior to the other, and if so, why?
- Marty

It's all the preference of the farmer. Grain-fed using non-GM grains is fine.

It marbles the meat, makes it richer and fattier, and it doesn't make the beef susceptible to infection, so long as the cattle are looked after. There are farmers here who "finish" their beef on grain and it can be really delicious.

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