Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna seem to think that the public loves nothing more than to see as much of their bodies as often as possible.

But while stars may baulk at the news that bikini bodies have been named the most annoying type of selfie, it will come as less of a surprise to the rest of us.

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The bikini selfie came top of the list scoring more than a fifth (22 per cent) of the vote, but they are by far not the only guilty celebrities when it comes to showing off via their camera phone.


Millie Mackintosh, Selena Gomez, Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley and Cara Delevingne are just a few of the stars getting on our nerves with their self portraits.

The smug post-gym selfie beloved by pretty much any celebrity who likes to point out how perfectly buff and toned their body is, was voted the second most irritating with 18 per cent of the vote.

But while stars love to show us how hard they work to achieve their figures, they also enjoy demonstrating how they are able to pig out on junk food without busting their waist line a trend that, unsurprisingly, irks those of us constantly at war with the bread basket.

The pre-food selfie, which sees a star just about to take an exaggerated bite of a delicious high-fat food, gained 16 per cent of the vote and the title of third most irritating.

The 'sickbed' selfie, taken whilst lying ill in bed, often on some type of drip, made fourth place, with 15 per cent naming it the most irritating.

Just scraping into the top five came the trout pout selfie, hated by almost one in ten, nine per cent, of respondents.

In sixth and seventh place were the make-up free and the loved-up couple selfie scoring seven and five per cent respectively.

In the number eight spot was the now infamous celebrity selfie achieving four per cent - you know the one where they all group together and smile for the camera.

Completing the list in ninth and tenth place came the drunk and the 'shy selfie', scoring just two and one per cent of the vote.

To compound the irritation of seeing your social media feed filled with celebrities posting these selfies, the trend for all 10 has filtered down, and now most of us are subjected to our friends feeling the need to capture every time they go to the gym or have the flu.

One woman who took part in the study said: "I hate it when my friends post beach selfies on Facebook. All they are doing is rubbing my face in the fact that I'm stuck at my desk while they're sunning themselves on some tropical island.

"The other one I can't stand is the post gym or abs selfie. I have absolutely no interest in how long the people I know spend at the gym, neither do I care about how sculpted their stomach is."

A man added: "What irritates me the most are the sickbed selfies. Most people when they are ill feel unattractive and just want to shut themselves away.

"However, these sick bed selfie types are just lying on their bed glammed up to the nines. If they really were ill, they wouldn't be taking snaps of themselves."

A third added: "It's the celebrities I feel sorry for. It used to be that all they had to do was sign a bit of paper and they could be free of the obsessive weirdos who follow them around.

"Now they are forced to have their personal space invaded whist a camera is shoved in their face."

A spokesperson from CheapHolidayLand.com, who conducted the survey, commented: "Selfies have now become a permanent feature of life in the 21st Century.

"And it seems that no one is immune from taking them, from world leaders to members of the royal family and even the Pope.

"Selfies have become the new autograph. For many, someone's squiggle on a piece of paper is really impersonal, whereas a selfie with a celebrity is unique."

- Daily Mail