Quilts of all colours, shapes and sizes will be on display at the Havelock North Function Centre next month in support of KidsCan.

The Keirunga Quilters, a group of about 60, hold an annual exhibition but have chosen for the first time to raise money for the children's charity.

Quilter Liz McCauley, who has been involved in the group since 2005, said this year's display was "extra special".

"We set ourselves up with the challenge to make special quilts for children and there will be about 30 quilts for sale and one in a raffle.


"We think KidsCan is doing a really good thing in the community so we want to show our support towards it."

KidsCan is a charity which supports Kiwi kids in hardship through practical food, clothing and health programmes in schools, with 50 schools in Hawke's Bay included in its scheme.

Ms McCauley said there would be a range of different designs with traditional styled quilts to more contemporary designs.

"We have got ones for the bed and others to hang on walls, then we have lots of different colours. I guess it is a very creative hobby we do and is also very social."

Ms McCauley said the event in August would be a good opportunity for people interested in quilt making to get an inside perspective and understanding.

The group usually make them for friends and family and get together several times during the month at Keirunga Gardens to help each other and "feed ideas off one another".

"I think it will be good for people to see them and the fact that we're doing it for KidsCan is even better."

The quilts will be sold for $50 each and one quilt will be raffled off to a lucky winner.

The challenge of creating these children's quilts will also be judged and prizes will be awarded.

To see the quilts on display and to support KidsCan head to the Havelock North Function Centre from August 5-13 between 10am and 4pm.