Principal of TKKM o Te Wānanga Whare Tapere o Takitimu, Fleur Wainohu has called into question the anti-kura stance of Hastings District councillor Malcolm Dixon.

Ms Wainohu wrote a letter to the editor today, which came after the decision was made last Thursday not to relocate the controversial kura to the Arataki Motor Camp.

The decision was based on an environmental evaluation of the site, which found it was not suitable due to the emissions from the nearby Te Mata Mushroom operation.

Ms Wainohu said in her letter they had endured 18 months of his letters to the editor and wanted to know how Mr Dixon could make decisions for them about where they should or should not relocate to.


Mr Dixon responded to the comments made yesterday and said he got involved because he was approached by a member of the board.

"I was never about not having a kura it was just the site the minister chose was dedicated to a new primary school for Havelock North."

He said residents were upset they had not been consulted about it when they were told that the space had been earmarked for a school to cater for their growing population not a kura.

"18 months ago the minister was told they needed a new kura and if they had chosen a different site they would already be in it."

He said the delay was from the minister choosing the site that had been promised for Havelock North.

Ms Wainohu criticised Mr Dixon's efforts to meet and speak with her about the kura when he voiced his opinion so publicly.

"If you had of made the time to get to know us you would have found out we are over 20 years old and the land in Havelock originally belonged to our tipuna Te Hapuku," she said.

Mr Dixon said across the 18 months not on one occasion did they make contact with him and felt communication is a two way thing.

Ms Wainohu thanked the Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule for his honest approach and his visits to the school.

"You never once made untruthful assumptions."

She also thanked the people, businesses and schools of Havelock North who got in contact with them once the decision was made not to relocate the kura.

"You showed us that our relocation was very much welcomed and then you told us how sad you felt when it was no longer the plan."

Mr Yule could not be contacted for comment last night.