Napier City Council has hit back at claims that the proposed multiuse velodrome facility is nothing more than a "cycling thing with a bit of stuff in the middle".

Former Basketball Hawke's Bay General manager Paul Trass said the document - the Professional Services Contract No 1069 for the Design Services for Hawke's Bay Multiuse Velodrome - was about tendering for cycling.

"If you read that you will see what it is, is building a cycling facility and then, as an afterthought, there is some other stuff there," he said.

However, the council's chief executive Wayne Jack said the whole project has been designed around a multiuse facility.


"It is not an afterthought at all," he said. But Mr Trass said the contract notes things such as the multiuse floor, stating that while wooden is the preferred choice, rubber is also a possibility.

"They talk about things like a wooden or a rubber floor," he said.

"The indoor codes don't want a rubber floor. They want a sprung wooden floor."

Moreover, Mr Trass said the contract asks for up to four basketball or netball courts to be put in the middle of the velodrome.

"You can't fit four courts in there - it is marginal to get three international courts in," he said.

However, Mr Jack asked how comment could be made about the flooring when the design phase has not been entered into.

He said the above contract is to work with a designer to come up with a design for the facility.

"We still need to go through a business case and it is still early at this stage in terms of all the info in terms of designs and what the inner field is going to comprise of in terms of the multiuse," he said.

Looking to the document itself, under section five, the council requires the velodrome to be a fully enclosed indoor facility, constructed to the Union Cycliste Internationale Category 2 standards and specifications enabling it to be used for Continental Championships.

The contract states that the council requires the consultant to familiarise themselves with all aspects of the above standard.

"Major requirements, including under this standard, are track length of 250m, compliance with form, surface and profile requirements," the contract reads.

"Union Cycliste Internationale lighting specifications at 1000 lux lighting levels even and evenly spread, rack centre appropriately equipped for cycling.

"[And] track centre equipped for multi-use."

Under section six the contract states the design must make provision for use of the track's centre area by other sports, such as basketball, futsal and volleyball.

"Any structures, court markings and other sport-specific requirements in the track's centre must be readily dismountable, coverable or removable to enable the centre of the track to comply with the UCI category two standard requirements for cycling," the contract reads.

In addition to this, the centre area needs to be configured for other sports' needs to include multi-purpose sports floors for up to four basketball or netball courts, with preferably wooden flooring, or perhaps rubber.

"[Also the] inclusion of warm-up/warm-down area for track cyclists, and impact of cycling use on other use including access," the contract reads.

The contract states that provision is to be made for permanent spectator seating for cycling events. "Its configuration, design and positioning should take into consideration the spectator requirements for other sports that may use the centre of the track," it reads.

A retail bike shop is also considered in the contract.

Looking to the external facilities, in addition to car parking the design will be required to consider the bike racks and storage lockers sheds.

"Many athletes and spectators can be expected to cycle to the velodrome, and provision is to be made for secure bike storage," the document states.

"Externally accessed lockup garage-type space, equivalent to a shipping container size, with ground level access, to store event equipment, signage and resources."

In fact, bike racks have their own section in the contract - number 18.

"The design should consider bike rack locations as part of the overall parking plan for the area," the section reads. Most of the required equipment is geared towards cycling with the list under section 20 including bike racks.