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Experts share their favourite holiday tipples around the barbie

The brew I'm favouring this summer is:

The Cathcarts NTA, because it is essentially a slice of an English summer in a pint glass that relieves my homesickness every time I try it. Hoppy enough to be thirst quenching, malty enough for heaps of character, aromas of malt, citrus and freshly cut hay and the colour of straw. And, at 4.2 per cent, perfect for lazy summer afternoons without knocking you out.

It's best served in:
A pint glass. As our beers are mostly bottle-conditioned, a single pour to get all the beer into a glass big enough in one go is the way forward.

And goes best with what sort of food:
I've never really been into beer and food matches. Best to go with the flow and not worry about it too much. Just enjoy it in good company! My formula for a successful barbecue is:Nice weather, unlike the weather one gets in my home country of England.


My dream barbecue machine is:
Slightly curved steel plate over an open fire. Very simple as it allows one to move the food all ready to go on the edge while still cooking the rest in the middle where it's hottest.

The best barbecue guests are:
Friendly and happy ones who never complain at my crap cooking skills.

And my never-fail barbecue recipe is:
Just a nice cut of beef steak medium rare. Simple and easy (in theory!).

Martin Townshend

Winner of the International Lager Style in the 2013 New Zealand Brewers Guild award for the Oldhams Tap Riwaka Pilsner, Marlborough's Townshend Brewery uses local hops, water from a 25,000-year-old aquifier and natural fermentation. Founder Martin Townshend claims his English heritage means he's not a natural barbecuer, but he tries his best.