Sleep your way to better eating

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found tired people ate hundreds more calories per day than they did when they were well-rested. Researchers at King's College London looked at different sleep and eating studies which showed the sleep-deprived did not exercise more than the well-rested. But they did eat more, specifically foods high in fat and protein. Reduced sleep is potentially one of the most common and potentially modifiable health risks in today's society.

Participants of one study responded more urgently to pictures of fattening food, inspiring cravings even when the participants were full. And even as their snack-lust peaked, the participants experienced a drop in activity in the region of the brain associated with careful decision-making. Also sleep deprivation can lead to an imbalance in the hunger hormones -- leptin and ghrelin, which can trick the body into believing that it's starving. (Source: Mental Floss)

Employers ghosting

"What's with employers these days?" writes Lindy. "I have applied for 18 jobs in the last 16 months, with typically no response. How hard is it to formulate a mass email to all applicants saying: "Yo! Got your CV. If you don't hear from us within 10 days you're not in the running. Good luck on the job hunt." Even the jobs I fluked interviews for didn't get back to me afterwards. Nada. Nothing. I was ghosted. So now I've decided to use my terminal unemployment to troll the businesses that snub me, asking why I didn't get the job and making up some terrible sob story. I enjoy their discomfort."

Outdates signs

"I love seeing outdated signs, symbols or icons in our modern world," writes Jacqui Geux. "Like this steam train sign for electric train railway crossings, taken at Portage Rd, New Lynn ... or the floppy disc save icon. Or the handset icon for smartphones."


Nothing noble about it

"Are there no two words in NZ reportage more scummy and feral than 'king hit'?" writes Jamie. "As far as feral beat-down terminology goes it's the worst. In Australia they renamed it something else, so it didn't sound so *awesome*. 'Coward-punches' apparently. Or 'one-punch killers'."

Pet Day. Lambs welcome

Oh, no! Jenny has lost her pet lamb at the school Pet Day. Where could Lambkins be?
Oh, no! Jenny has lost her pet lamb at the school Pet Day. Where could Lambkins be?

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