Guy Williams announced today that he's leaving The Edge's Guy, Sharyn and Clint show at the end of this year.

The comedian dropped the bomb on air this afternoon, saying he was leaving to focus on television and other projects.

"It's really hard to be leaving a show I've worked on for nearly three years, and two of my best friends. Lucky it will be some small boots to fill for whoever gets the role. I'm really looking forward to working less in the future and focusing on my indoor netball career," Williams quipped.

His co-hosts Clint Roberts and Sharyn Casey are already looking to fill said boots; they'll start the search for the "new guy" (get it?) by trialling replacements in the coming months.

"It's going to be hard to find another laugh as irritating as Guy's, but we're up for the challenge," Roberts said.


"This is a great opportunity for the show to find someone that doesn't just look like me with glasses."

In the meantime, maybe Williams can use his spare time to pursue a career in theatre.

He showed off his dancing chops when he was dragged up onstage during the opening night of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert on Sunday night, along with Shane Cortese and a few other audience members.