According to John Oliver, there's only one way for Donald Trump to salvage some of his reputation at this point in the US presidential race - drop out.

The Last Week Tonight host put forward his solution during Sunday night's segment, arguing it is the only way to save his brand - a brand built on winning.

"Mr Trump, Donny, Doniel," he said, addressing the Republican presidential candidate directly.

"Drop out. Simply drop out and tell America this entire candidacy was a stunt - a satire designed to expose the flaws in the system.


"And the thing is you could actually make a fairly decent case for that."

The comedian then proceeded to put forward a pretty convincing case for Trump, an alternative to a "humiliating" and "off-brand" loss to Hillary Clinton, or a complete "reset" of his campaign.

"Just think about how triumphant it would feel to say on national television: 'I openly ran on a platform of impossibly ignorant proposals steeped in racial bigotry and nobody stopped me. In fact, you embraced me for it. What the f*ck was that about?'

"If you drop out in order to teach America a lesson, you would not be a loser, you would be a legend. There'd be a federal holiday in your honour," Oliver declared.

He even predicted it would be "one of the most powerful political speeches of all time."

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver.
Last Week Tonight host John Oliver.

With a little help from comedian Will Arnett, Oliver presents Trump with an instruction manual for dropping out - in the form of a children's book called The Kid Who Ran for President, about a 12-year-old boy who runs for president as a joke.

Oliver ends by boldly challenging Trump to stop by his studio, appear on the show, and resign from the race.

"Please, prove me wrong and reveal yourself to be a three-bit bullsh*t artist, conning America to help America," he said.