A blooper reel for Game of Thrones season six has landed thanks to the good folks at Comic-Con.

The clip released at the fan convention at the weekend shows Thrones stars Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington and more stumbling over lines and their own feet, giving a real-world glimpse into the actors' lives.

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You can watch Jon Snow with his kit off, the Hound failing to chop wood, Dany swearing while she sits on a fake dragon, and Tyrion struggling to say the word "benevolent", while Grey Worm and Missandei struggle to keep a straight face.


*Warning: This clip contains offensive language.*

A return date for Game of Thrones has not been set, but it has been confirmed that rather than returning in April like it usually does, the show will arrive closer to June or July on account of the weather.

It has also been confirmed that there are only two season left, and they will run for only six or seven episodes instead of the usual 10.