Is New Zealand about to become the next stop on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's romantic world tour? We look at why the high profile couple could soon visit.

Taylor Swift and her new beau (or, if you believe the fans - music video star) Tom Hiddleston are across the ditch and we're thinking they might land in New Zealand some time soon.

Why? Well, there's proximity. Because when you come this far from the US, you might as well just tack on an extra few hours and see the most beautiful country in the world, right?

But also, for all of these reasons:

Hiddleswift: The World Tour

Someone tell Hiddleswift that a Kiwi beach beats a Suffolk beach, any day. Photo / Splash
Someone tell Hiddleswift that a Kiwi beach beats a Suffolk beach, any day. Photo / Splash

These two have been jet-setting everywhere they can land a private plane in what seems to be a whirlwind honeymoon (if by "whirlwind honeymoon" you mean "mad rush to get snapped by paparazzi in as many places as possible").


They've been spotted in the UK, Rome, various places in the US, and now Australia so why not make an appearance in New Zealand?

T-Swift's already a pro at avoiding NZ media

Remember last time Taylor came here to film her music video and had a grand old time avoiding detection?

She not only avoided the mediaby hiding under a beach towel, but also skilfully slipped by all her fans too which - frankly - is very impressive.

Taylor could show Tom the sights

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Nov 30, 2015 at 1:49pm PST


She's seen some of the best locations our country has to offer, from Bethells Beach to Lake Wakatipu.

Besides, the only way you can wear your "I heart TS" T-shirt and not be ruthlessly mocked is if you go bush.

And to top it all off, we already know T-Sweezy's all about getting some New Zealand scenery into her music videos, so why not this one?

NZ is loco for Loki

Time to get
Time to get "NZ Hearts Tom Hiddleston" t-shirts made? Photo / AP

Tom Hiddleston's fans are desperate to see him here - they even started a Facebook page way back in 2013.

The Taika effect

Taika Waititi's directing Hiddleston's new film (which is the reason they're in Aussie in the first place), and he's hanging out with Thor himself so it's only a matter of time before he hangs out with Tom too.

I challenge Hiddleswift to spend any amount of time with Taika and not want to to come to New Zealand.