Max Key has released the music video for his second single, Paradise.

The Prime Minister's son appears to be having a pillow fight with underwear-clad Auckland model Dominique Wisniewski at the start of the clip, shared on YouTube.

The pair are in bed at a sprawling Waiheke estate before Key - whose face isn't yet shown - gets changed and takes off in a Lamborghini.

Key, 21, then disappears in a helicopter before parachuting out of it and picking up Wisniewski up on the beach.


They then go to a club and Key's face is finally shown while DJ-ing and dancing.

On Thursday, Key shared 34 seconds of the music video.

His first single, Forget You, was released in February and went on to top the New Zealand Viral 50 on Spotify.

Earlier, Key announced Paradise would be out June 19.

The photo accompanying that announcement saw him posing with Wisniewski, who's clad in a white dressing gown, and his neighbour's dog.