It’s NZ Music Month and the Herald has partnered with NZ On Screen to bring you a music video of a classic New Zealand song every day of the month. Today’s flashback is a hit single from 2001 with a girl’s name in the title.

Today's Music Month Flashback is Sophie by Goodshirt.

How long does it take to remove all the furniture and fittings from an apartment?

If you've got Goodshirt on the case, apparently three minutes and 47 seconds.

Part of a series quirky Goodshirt music videos directed by Joe Lonie and filmed in one continuous take, this clip high-lights the dangers of having the volume up too loud.


As a young woman sits down to listen to Goodshirt's latest single, she is unaware of the band robbing her of every-thing she owns.

The video won Best Music Video at the 2003 NZ Music Awards.