A Rihanna mega fan from West Auckland made her way to Salt Lake City to see the West Indian singer live, and came home with a job offer.

The trip to see the star in Utah was not the first time West Auckland woman Shannon Roberts, 19, has seen the singer live - and the pair have chatted over social media since 2011.

"We started talking on Twitter when she didn't have many followers," Ms Roberts said.

"I think she had about 5 million, which is not much compared to now." (The singer now has 60.7 million followers).


"She just saw one of my tweets one day and followed me."

They continued chatting by private message.

Shannon Roberts backstage with Rihanna in Salt Lake City. Photo / Facebook
Shannon Roberts backstage with Rihanna in Salt Lake City. Photo / Facebook

"Sometimes I ask her advice... Just casual talk. Life advice mostly - she's good at that, she's experienced a lot, and she cares."

They don't talk as often as they used to, because she's so busy, but Ms Roberts said they're still good mates.

"This time I went over to America to see her, and she saw me from the stage."

A video posted on Ms Roberts' Facebook page shows the moment Rihanna spotted her while performing, and directed a security guard to take her and a friend backstage.

Me and Rihanna backstage tonight 😭 #reunited #ANTIWORLDTOUR

Posted by Shannon Roberts on Thursday, 28 April 2016

Backstage, when Rihanna came out to see Ms Roberts, she ran up to her and they hugged. She said she felt a bit nervous at first, but it soon wore off.

"I feel like I know her, so it feels so normal. She makes you feel so normal, like a friend - that's just how cool she is."

She gave Rihanna a gold bracelet which she had "badgalriri" - the artist's Instagram username - engraved into.

"She hasn't taken it off for about three weeks - she just posted a selfie."

Then, to add to the excitement - when Ms Roberts returned home, she got an email from Rocnation - the entertainment company that represents Rihanna, as well as other artists and athletes.

They had seen the Rihanna fan account that she runs on Instagram, therih.up, which has 157,000 followers, and asked if she would be keen to collaborate with them.

"They loved my coverage and had been watching my page - I had been taking some high quality photos - and they asked if I wanted to be part of the team, doing marketing and campaign work. So I said yes - of course."

She can still do the work in New Zealand, and is hoping to go on tour with the crew next time they are in Australasia.