Dominic Bowden and Bindi Irwin have teamed up for the semifinal of Dancing with the Stars in the US.

The Aussie/Kiwi pair are heading a live broadcast of DWTS's All Access show working behind the scenes.

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Bowden landed the gig as backstage host at the end of 2014, and has now brought Irwin in to help out as Australia's DWTS reigning champion.


The host took to Twitter to make a classic Kiwi vs Aussie connection, welcoming Irwin - and her boyfriend, Chandler Powell - into the fold.

And Irwin tweeted a reference to her father with the hashtag "Crikey".

Aussie DWTS dancer Sasha Farber was also helping to host the show and he and Irwin have been taking questions from fans throughout the broadcast.

Irwin says the show "changed my whole life and I am so meant everything to me and my family".

"You learn a lot about yourself. If you are put under that find out what you can really do."

The live stream is over at the All Access website.