Jacob Tremblay has named his new puppy in honour of Daisy Ridley's Star Wars character.

The nine-year-old actor introduced his golden brown toy poodle to the world at a WE Day event in Los Angeles last week, and later asked fans to name his new pooch.

He tweeted on Thursday: "Please help me name my puppy! #itsagirl (sic)"

And now the young Room star has revealed his pet has been named Rey, after the lead character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Alongside a picture of the fluffy pooch next to a Lego model of an AT-AT, Jacob - whose Twitter biography reads "Actor. Lego Enthusiast. Star Wars Fanatic." - wrote: "#drumrollplease Thank you for all your awesome suggestions! Please say hello to #ReyTremblay!!! #namegame #legoatat (sic)"

Jacob is known for his love of Star Wars and at the Critics' Choice Awards in January, he declared he would display his Best Young Actor/Actress trophy next to his beloved model of the Millennium Falcon.

The pint-sized star, who had to stand on a black box but still struggled to reach the microphone, said as he climbed on stage: "This is super cool. It's the best day of my life.
"I know where to put this - right on the shelf beside my Millennium Falcon."