Brace yourselves Kiwi film fans - a remake of Goodbye Pork Pie is on the way.

Filming is about to begin on the remake of the classic 1981 movie with reports that part of Wellington will be closed down to recreate an iconic scene.

The original movie was written by Geoff Murphy and Ian Mune, and directed by the former. It was filmed in late 1979 and had just 24 cast and crew on board.

The movie follows 19-year-old Gerry Austin who pinches a wallet dropped by a wealthy woman. Using her cash and driver's licence he rents a yellow Mini and embarks on a road trip to Auckland.


En-route, Austin picks up a host of passengers and ends up making his way towards Invercargill, inspring the famous quote: "I'm taking this bloody car to Invercargill." Eventually, surrounded by armed police, the crew surrender.

Murphy's son Matt is directing the remake of the famous film and Fairfax reported today that part of Wellington will be closed down.

The original director told Fairfax he was flattered that his son was remaking the movie. But he was confused as to why.

"I find the concept confusing because I can't see how to remake it," he said.

He was not involved in the younger Murphy's project.

"I let him do his thing," he said.

It is understood filming on the remake will start within a month.

A shooting date was "fairly imminent" and expected within the month.

Fairfax reported that among scenes being shot in Wellington was the movie's most famous moment where the Mini and its occupants are chased through the city before driving onto a moving freight train.

A public notice published in the Dominion Post this weekend listed road closures in the Capital relating to the filiming, scheduled for April.

According to Fairfax NZ Film Commission records show the remake has received more than $100,000 funding.