We're proud to bring you our next exclusive iHeartRadio Session, presented by Barkers, this time featuring The Phoenix Foundation.

The steadfastly Wellingtonian six-piece have been making music together for more than 20 years, and released their sixth studio album Give Up Your Dreams in August. Samuel Flynn Scott and Luke Buda then dove back into the studio to work on Dave Dobbyn's new album, before the band headed off to tour the UK and Europe. Somewhere in between they've found time to head along to the Barkers flagship store on High Street in Auckland, and film a live performance of the ten tracks from GUYD.

Who: The Phoenix Foundation

From: Wellington

Line-up: Samuel Flynn Scott on vocals, guitar, and synths, Luke Buda on vocals, guitar, and synths, Conrad Wedde on guitar and synths, Tom Callwood on bass, Will Ricketts on percussion and synths, and Chris O'Connor on drums.


Where they're at: 20 years and six albums in, The Phoenix Foundation are one of New Zealand's greatest musical treasures, consistently making brilliant indie pop psych rock with a great sense of humour. They're just as exciting live on stage as they are enviable geniuses in the studio, and they have an impressive work ethic to boot. Every member of the band has also worked on solo albums or separate projects, and they've written music for films like Taika Waititi's Eagle vs Shark and Separation City. International stardom may have eluded them, but they have a strong and solid fan base in the UK and Europe, and by no means have they actually given up on their dreams - in fact they'd probably have a clever joke to make about the oddness of performing in a menswear store.

What they sound like: There's a slightly surreal quality to their songs, but they're full of urgency and intensity, sometimes brutally honest lyrics, and melodies that easily get stuck in ones head. They're full of cosmic sounds, intricate rhythms, inventive guitar parts, and the rare joy of having two lead singers.

Tracklist: Mountain, Bob Lennon John Dylan, Playing Dead, Sunbed, Prawn, Celestial Bodies, Myth, Trans Fatty Acid, Jason, Give Up Your Dreams.

Highlights: The gang-vocal chorus of Bob Lennon John Dylan (one of our favourite songs on 2015), the dreamy summer weirdness of Prawn, the Beach Boy-esque vocal harmonies over the Pink Floyd-ish Myth, the celebratory, bouncing exuberance of Give Up Your Dreams.

Give Up You Dreams


Trans Fatty Acid


Celestial Bodies



Playing Dead

Bob Lenon John Dylan


The Full Session

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