Producers of new Kiwi horror flick Housebound got a stern telling-off when they tried to flog a home detention bracelet on Trade Me.

The auction for the bracelet used as a prop in the film reached $10.50 before it was taken down three days ago.

Housebound which opens in cinemas on Thursday, is about a woman who must serve her home detention sentence in a haunted house.

Siggy Rehburg, general manager of G4S, the security company which installs home detention bracelets and monitors offenders, told the Herald on Sunday he gave the deactivated anklet to the film's producers.


When he saw the auction, he wrote on the auction page: "Guys, if you are the production company, then you'll remember how and where you obtained this anklet... Please immediately take this auction down and have the anklet returned to where you picked it up from."

The film's producer, Luke Sharpe, phoned Rehburg to apologise, took the auction down, and sent the anklet back.