Veteran New Zealand actor and Whale Rider star Rawiri Paratene will be performing in Hamlet in every country in the world for the next two years as part of a touring Globe Theatre production celebrating Shakespeare's 450th birthday.

The tour sets sail by tall ship from London to Holland this weekend with Paratene and the rest of the cast and crew aboard.

Paratene, who has performed in past Globe productions of Romeo and Juliet and King Lear after doing an arts fellowship there in 2007, will alternate between playing Polonius and Hamlet's uncle King Claudius in the play.

The production is due to arrive in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands in June 2015.


As well as British actors, the cast includes UK-based actors from Nigeria and Hong Kong.

The venues for the Globe to Globe tour of 205 territories will include national theatres, beaches, Greek and Roman amphitheatres and a performance at the play's setting of Elsinore Castle in Denmark.

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