Bound 2 video.' />

James Franco and a topless Seth Rogen have created a shot-for-shot recreation of Kanye West's Bound 2 video.

Franco takes the place of West, while Rogen fills in for Kim Kardashian in the parody video.

It features a shirtless Rogen straddling Franco on a motorbike in front of a dramatic desert landscape.

The pair kiss while locked in an intimate embrace.


Introducing the clip this morning, Franco wrote on Instagram: "#bound3 #sethrogen #love - A LITTLE VIDEO SeTH AND I mADE IN OUR DOWN TIME. (sic)"

The pair made the spoof clip during a break from filming their latest movie together, The Interview.

West premiered the Bound 2 clip on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week.

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When asked about the decision to include so many raunchy images of his partner, he said he felt she "deserved" a starring role.

He said: "It was just awesome. I think that Kim is awesome and she just deserved an awesome moment like that."

The video has received mixed reviews.