If you don't enjoy the sound of tween girls screaming at the top of the lungs, you'd best invest in a decent pair of earplugs - Bieber fever is about to hit.

Justin Bieber is to touch down in New Zealand tomorrow for a whirlwind three-day promotional tour for his latest album, Believe.

The 18-year-old singer-songwriter won't be doing any concerts, except for one very exclusive showcase to an audience of 200 in Auckland on Thursday afternoon.

The location is being kept secret to try to avoid mobs of fans turning up.


The excitement is building for his latest trip, with fans counting down the days until he arrives.

"That Auckland moment when you know Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez [his actress/singer girlfriend] will be here in less that 3 days," a Kiwi fan posted on Twitter on Sunday.

During his last visit in April 2010, he was mobbed by Kiwi fans everywhere he went, including TV3 studios and a performance for Strathallan School students in Papakura.

It took 30 policeman working a total of 161 hours to look after him during his day-long New Zealand visit.

At one point during his stay, he bungy-jumped from Auckland's Harbour Bridge with his mother.

The trip wasn't without controversy - Bieber reportedly stormed off the set of TV show What Now after being sprayed in L&P, and had his hat stolen and held for ransom during a melee at Auckland Airport where 300 fans greeted him.

Auckland Airport spokesman Richard Llewellyn said it wasn't expecting the same response this time around.

"We haven't seen the same thing in Australian airports that we saw in the previous visit," he said.

"So we'll monitor the situation, but we're not at this stage expecting the same degree of 'fever'."

Mr Llewellyn said it had not yet been decided whether Bieber would go through the public entrance at the airport as he did on his 2010 visit or be ushered out the back way.

In Australia, where the Canadian singer is touring at the moment, fans who call themselves "beliebers" have been camping outside his hotel, and tips about Bieber's movements have been flooding Twitter.

"Justin's at the Olsen Hotel but fans can't go in and he won't come out," a fan tweeted.

"You could always climb the walls like Spiderman or wait it out."