It's that time of year again when film-makers get out their No-Doz pills, because this weekend sees thousands of film buffs across the country compete in the 10th annual 48 Hours Furious Film-Making competition.

With just a weekend to write, shoot and edit a short film, there won't be much sleep happening.

On Friday at 7pm teams will be given their random film genre, and also told the particular prop, character, line of dialogue and camera shot they must include in their film.

Last year teams had to include a piece of wire, the character Bobby Young (an ex-bully), the line "what have you got?" and a freeze-frame ending.


They will be racing to meet the 7pm deadline on Sunday night, with the hope that the short film they have cobbled together will make it to the grand final - and the chance to win some huge prizes.

That will be held at Auckland's Civic Theatre on June 30.

Registration has closed, but you can check out any details at