Ridge reality TV show idea rubbished, and Hotchin's holiday hideaway on Waiheke is close to a sale

A story on the Stuff website on Friday claiming Sally Ridge and her teenage daughter Jaime are to make a reality television show for TV3 is "nonsense", the television network's head of programming told The Diary.

Kelly Martin has committed to the Kiwi version of The Block and plans to develop NZ X Factor and another series of New Zealand's Next Top Model at a later date. However, a scripted reality show starring the ex Mrs Matthew Ridge and her daughter - the one-time girlfriend of Sonny Bill Williams - is not on the cards for TV3, the network said.

Many believe the concept of a television show with the mother-daughter pair - who hold daily conversations with each other via Twitter - would be compelling voyeuristic viewing.

But producers know that to receive high ratings, starring roles from Sally's former flames - international sporting legends Ridge and Adam Parore - would be mandatory. However, an insider says the likelihood that Ridge or Parore would appear on a TV show with Sally "would happen when hell freezes over".


Sally is in an acrimonious court case with Parore over the division of their assets after their break-up, and her relationship with Ridge is bitter. A family source said Ridge would take legal action against producers "if his name or his children's names are used" in connection with a reality television show. "Matthew is very private and protective of his family."

Meanwhile, Sally is understood to have sold her Grey Lynn family home and bought a 13-bedroom boarding house in Herne Bay to renovate.

Leighton Dyer says he approached Josh Kronfeld for help - something the rugby legend denies.

Former All Black Josh Kronfeld was one of the judges at the skate competition at Victoria Park where a teenage boy was allegedly assaulted and graffiti tagging took place, and he says the experience was "horrific and scary".

Kronfeld has stayed quiet until now about his involvement in the Skinny & Serenity National Groom Skate Comp, run by William Murdoch.

"I didn't see the incident with Craig [Platt and the teenager], but I was as shocked as everyone else when I saw the video later. But the inflammatory remarks and the threats made to Craig, Murdoch and their kids on social media have been really upsetting," Kronfeld told The Diary.

"I didn't want my kid to be abused on the internet like Craig and Murdoch's kids have. There were other parents there and we all went into protective mode for our kids."

Leighton Dyer, who complained about Platt's alleged assault on a video that went viral, said he approached the rugby legend for help.

Kronfeld denies this. "Leighton didn't ask me to help." He added: "It wasn't my job to get involved in the argument between Craig and Leighton. That's security's job. I was just a parent helping with the judging."

Murdoch said he first met the ex-All Black when he appeared on Treasure Island with Aja Rock, his former partner. "Then I saw him at the skate park and ... I asked him to be one of the judges."

Kronfeld said "it's important to remember that it really was a wonderful day for the kids and they had a great time".

Platt, another judge at the competition, was to appear in the Auckland District Court yesterday charged with common assault against a teenage skateboarder. The case has been delayed.

TVNZ's Ali Mau celebrated at lunch on Sunday after fiancee Karleen Edmonds gave her an engagement ring. But kaching bling it is not. It's a "platinum tin foil and ruby tin foil ring", Edmonds laughed. Mau posed with the homemade dazzler, prompting compliments on her hand-modelling skills.

Meanwhile, actor Anna Paquin, who declared her bisexuality two years ago, will be a presenter at the annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles in two weeks. The ceremony honours those in the media who represent the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Paquin also played presenter at the 33rd Annual College TV Awards in Hollywood on Saturday night.

Tenders closed last week for Mark Hotchin's 4.5ha Waiheke beachfront holiday estate, but Bayleys real estate agent Michael Pleciak said yesterday that his company was "still negotiating with some people". A deal is expected to be reached this week.

The property was bought in 2005 for $13.8 million and now has a capital valuation of $8.8 million. It includes a five-bedroom house, four-car garage, two-bedroom guest accommodation, riparian rights with about 100m of white sand beach frontage, four boatsheds, a boat ramp, tennis court and spa pool.

John Key was having a great time with the KiwiSport kids at Christchurch East School last week. Then he picked up a paint brush. He painted the familiar, but it had an all TOO familiar look to it. If this masterwork ends up on Trade Me, here's hoping the sketch will fetch more than his past few Beehive drawings.