victim Matt Quinlan has no regrets about refusing to help the reality show's struggling female tribe, saying the men have their "game face" on.

Quinlan was the first man to be eliminated from Survivor: One World's male tribe Manolo after an unexpected come-from-behind immunity challenge win by the female tribe Salani.

Despite repeated requests to help with their fire and shelter, the Californian lawyer pushed his team mates to say no to the girls - despite seeing them shivering and crying after spending a sleepless night in a major storm.


The 33-year-old defended his actions to, saying Survivor was completely different to how he would act in real life.

"We're playing a competitive game for $1 million. I really can't think of any good reason to offer shelter and fire and things that would allow another team to be much stronger than they would be otherwise in a game with such high stakes," he said.

"I think we made the right call by withholding things from them. In real life, of course all of us would have helped them out, no question about it.

"It's about separating Survivor from real life and putting on your game face."

Quinlan said he found the attitude change "easy".

"I think every last guy on our tribe is a gentleman and we understand the concept of being kind and being chivalrous. Everyone recognised that we had to act differently to be competitive.

"It makes perfect sense, it still does. Those woman understand why we're doing what we're doing. They're in no rush to give us their boat either because they don't want us to catch more fish."

Quinlan said his tribe mates underestimated the abilities of Colton Cumbie after he spent the first few episodes hanging out with the girls and securing an immunity idol. He now seems to be leading the tribe's biggest alliance.

"Initially Colton was just annoying everyone and he wasn't much of a threat. But once he got that idol on day three, everything changed. He decided that he wanted to be the shot caller.

"He really is an alpha male, he wants to control things, he wanted to be the leader of an alliance. He's in a pretty good spot and seems to know what he's doing."

Quinlan believed he was eliminated because this season's Survivor challenges were puzzle- and stamina-based, meaning his strength and athleticism wasn't needed.

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