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Michael Buble takes the mick out of Christmas (+video)

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Michael Buble stars in a hilarious Christmas spoof on Saturday Night Live. Photo / Supplied
Michael Buble stars in a hilarious Christmas spoof on Saturday Night Live. Photo / Supplied

Here's our latest collection of cool interweb stuff, like Jimmy Fallon's Saturday Night Live performance, a Breaking Bad mash-up with The Simpsons, new Radiohead songs, and a new moustache bandwagon you need to jump on now.

1. Michael Buble's Christmas duets is the shizz. No wait, come back! This is from the occasionally genius minds of Saturday Night Live and stars brilliant impersonations of Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Sting and an out-of-control Thom Yorke. YouTube keeps taking the link down so click quick, or go find it yourself. (YouTube)

2. They call it minimilistic dubstep. I call it mope-step. Lot's of people love James Blake so here's the new video for his latest electronia-influenced ballad A Case of You. (Pitchfork)

3. Breaking Bad meets The Simpsons in this television mash-up of the two seemingly unrelatable shows. (Huffington Post)

4. You've heard of the moustache. But have you heard of the chestache? Start growing one to mimic Ron Swanson, because it's about to become the must-have beach accessory for the summer. (Uproxx)

5. Speaking of moustaches, here's Rob Lowe sporting one for his upcoming movie, Drew Peterson: Untouchable. Yep, it's pretty creepy. (Warming Glow)

6. If you're setting up Christmas lights on your house to resemble the Angry Birds game, you've got way too much time on your hands. (Tech Crunch)

7. Two new Radiohead tracks? Erm, yes please. (Pretty Much Amazing)

8. So girls apparently say "take these chips away from me" and "it's so, like ..." quite a lot. This guy thinks they say it too much, so he's dressed up in drag in this hilarious video pisstake. Bet his girlfriend just dumped him after this. (YouTube)

9. So we all know that Kim Jong Il is dead, and he once hit five holes-in-one in his first ever golf game. Haven't we all? Anyway, here are 25 people who thought it was Lil Kim that had died, and what they said on Twitter. (Buzz Feed)

10. Here are the world's biggest news events in 2011. Re-enacted by Lego characters. What else? (The Guardian)

Seen anything you like? Got anything to share? Post your own links below.

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Chris Schulz

Chris Schulz is an entertainment feature writer for the New Zealand Herald.

A subscription to RTR Countdown magazine as a teenager kick started Chris’ inspiration to become an entertainment reporter. After finishing a grad-dip at journalism school, he discovered the magazine no longer existed. So he instead begged for a reviewing job at Rip It Up, then took over a local news website’s entertainment section in 2004 when no one else wanted to do it. It’s as much a surprise to him as it is to those around him that he’s been doing entertainment reporting ever since, utilising his diehard love of popular culture (specifically music, TV, movies and games). His career highlights including interviewing heroes like Billy Corgan and Trent Reznor, discussing the best sheep-docking techniques with Courtney Love, and breaking his nose during a Shihad concert. The last thing left on his entertainment reporting bucket list is to ride a rollercoaster with Dave Grohl, something he’s hoping to achieve in the next 12 months.

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